About VUMH

VUMH is proud of its long, rich history. The establishment of The Hermitage in Richmond and the Snyder Memorial Home in 1948 began our mission. Although Snyder Memorial later closed, we have continued to grow with the need for high quality retirement living options for our seniors.


During the 1960s, Hermitage in Northern Virginia and Hermitage on the Eastern Shore were opened and development began on two more communities. Over the next 25 years, growth and expansion continued. During the 1990s, dramatic changes in the expectations, needs and profiles of seniors signaled a whole new era for retirement communities. We responded with the opening of Cedarfield and WindsorMeade of Williamsburg, helping us serve the needs of the growing senior population more than ever before.


Our strong mission, code of ethics, high standards of operation, and commitment to social accountability form a foundational philosophy that places the needs of each individual resident at the center of everything we do. An independent, active lifestyle is our goal for all residents. Should needs ever change, residents and their families and friends share the peace of mind that comes with knowing loved ones are receiving the best possible care in each and every situation. Our communities are beautiful, with well-appointed residences and inviting amenities.

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