Over 1,300 people call our communities home. From the coast to the mountains and in between, the families who call our communities home enjoy active and fulfilling lifestyles, great neighbors and warm friendships. Our communities serve every major population center in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Whether you prefer the bustle and cultural opportunities of Northern Virginia or the slow pace of life and abundant natural beauty of the Eastern Shore, there is a community to fit everyone’s tastes. The geographic variety is matched by a diversity of investment options and community characteristics. Some people prefer to invest in the financial protection that Life Care provides; while others prefer not to invest any funds up front to be free to invest or move as they please. When it all comes down to it, we like to offer choices and we recommend and encourage everyone to learn more about how these different options could work for you and the ones you love. Each campus has team members who specialize in helping residents, families and advisors learn more about our communities and how they work. We look forward to connecting with you.

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